Now more than ever, we crave positive, uplifting environments. Simple Wisdom gives you an entertaining and stimulating collection of quotes to enjoy. Unpretentious and elegant, private and ad-free!


Our friendly support team is just a message away. Ask a question, suggest a new feature, or just let us know how you like to use Simple Wisdom

Cross Platform

We wanted to make sure that Simple Wisdom is widely available and published Simple Wisdom on Apple Appstore and Google Play.


Simple Wisdom is optimized for fast performance with minimal bandwidth usage, giving you a seamless and smooth experience.

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With a simple and natural interface, Simple Wisdom joins quotes and images into a smooth and rewarding user experience that promotes daily reflection and motivation.

Hand Selected Quotes

Every quote in Simple Wisdom has been individually selected and verified to give you authentic citations.

Regular Updates

We are continuously adding new quotes to Simple Wisdom. Updates to the app with new features are also ongoing.

Low Power Use

Simple Wisdom is optimized for performance and does not require large processing resources to run.

Easy Sharing

Simple Wisdom lets you share quotes easily in the way you want to. Simply take a screenshot and forward. Voila!


We created Simple Wisdom as a free gift and want the app to be available to everyone who wants to enjoy the app.

Exclusive Images

Simple Wisdom features an exlcusive selection of photographs not available elsewhwere.

Our Team

Our team strives to make Simple Wisdom a haven for inspiration, personal growth, and positivity. We invite you to embark on this journey with us, where every quote has the potential to ignite a spark and transform your day. Thank you for being a part of our community!

Suzanne Savet

Marketing Specialist

Holger 'H-Ray' Heine

App Developer

Malcolm Summer


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We are delighted by all the wonderful feedback on Simple Wisdom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the Simple Wisdom community!

Sharon Dawson Yoga InstructorUplifting. I love the simplicity of uplifting words. Thank you and Aloha!
Steve Marino Digital DesignerCool minimalist design. Great quotes.
Tina Foster App UserLove this app. I read through a few quotes every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of frequently asked questions. Please share your questions or comments with us. We are delighted to learn about your thoughts on Simple Wisdom.

What makes Simple Wisdom unique ?

Simple Wisdom stands out with its carefully curated collection of quotes from a diverse range of sources. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that each quote is not only uplifting but also resonates with a wide audience. Additionally, our app allows users to customize their daily dose of inspiration by selecting themes and topics that matter most to them.

How can I share quotes with friends and family ?

Sharing inspiration is made easy with Simple Wisdom! Take a quick screenshot of any quote, and send it via text message, email, or share it on your favorite social media platforms. Spread positivity with just a few taps and brighten someone's day.

Can I save my favorite quotes for later ?

We are working on an option to save your favorite quotes. It is one of the most requested feature and we look forward to offering it with the next version of Simple Wisdom. Be sure to subscribe to our Simple Wisdom newsletter for release dates and other news.

Are there daily reminders for inspirational quotes ?

Yes, we understand the importance of consistent motivation. The next version of Simple Wisdom will include a customizable reminder feature that prompts you with a daily dose of inspiration at a time that suits you best. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about new features and releases.

Are there quotes for specific moods or occasions ?

Absolutely! Simple Wisdom categorizes quotes based on various moods, occasions, and themes. Whether you're seeking motivation, encouragement, or wisdom, you can easily find quotes tailored to your specific needs. From happiness and resilience to success and love, we've got you covered.

Can I suggest quotes to add to Simple Wisdom ?

We love hearing from our users! If you come across a quote that has deeply inspired you and you'd like to see it in Simple Wisdom, feel free to send us your suggestions. We actively review all submissions to continually enhance and diversify our collection, making it a collaborative space for shared inspiration.

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